Accounting & Bookkeeping Service

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Daily transaction recording

Daily transaction recording involves logging all financial activities—sales, purchases, payments, and receipts—each day.

This ensures accurate financial records, aids decision-making, and supports efficient financial management.

Bank account reconciliation

Bank account reconciliation is the process of verifying that a company's financial records match bank statements, ensuring all transactions are accurately recorded and accounted for.

This practice helps detect discrepancies, prevent fraud, and maintain precise financial health.

Invoice processing

Invoice processing involves the management and tracking of incoming and outgoing invoices to ensure timely payments and accurate financial records.

This service streamlines cash flow, reduces errors, and improves overall financial efficiency.

Managing accounts payable and receivable

Managing accounts payable and receivable involves organizing and overseeing payments owed by the company and payments due to the company.

This service ensures timely bill payments, optimizes cash flow, and maintains healthy business relationships through efficient financial transactions.

Payroll processing and management

Payroll processing and management involves calculating employee wages, withholding taxes, and ensuring accurate and timely payment.

This service helps comply with employment laws and maintains employee satisfaction through systematic and reliable salary distribution.

Custom reports for management

Custom reports for management involve creating tailored financial reports that provide insights into specific areas of a business.

These reports help managers make informed decisions by highlighting trends, performance metrics, and financial forecasts. tt tt tt


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Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Accounting & Bookkeeping Service